Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase tickets?

Online: Once you have decided on a theatre and movie, select the show date and time you wish to attend. There may be more than one available ticket type. Select the number of tickets you need for each ticket type and select "Add Tickets to Cart." If the showtime you’ve selected is reserved seating, you’ll next select your seats. Once your tickets (and seats if applicable) have been selected, please verify that all information (theatre location, date and time) is correct in the shopping cart. After verifying all ticket details, you can enter your payment information, or sign in to select a saved payment method, and click “Complete Purchase.”

Theatre: Tickets can be purchased directly at the local theatre once the showtimes are available to purchase. You can purchase the tickets at the theatre through the kiosk or directly at the box office.

How do I pick up the tickets I purchased online?

Skip the line! Present your ticket confirmation barcode directly to the ticket podium. Want to pick up your tickets? Visit the theatre box office or kiosk to print your tickets.

- Kiosk - Scan your confirmation barcode or enter your confirmation number to print your tickets.

- Theatre Box Office - Present your confirmation email (on your smartphone or printed out), confirmation number, or barcode to receive your tickets.

I did not receive an email confirmation for my online ticket purchase, what should I do?

You can still redeem your online ticket purchase at the box office using the same credit card that was used to purchase the tickets online. Additionally, please use this link to verify your online ticket purchase.

Why didn't I receive an email confirmation?

There are many reasons why this may have happened. Here are some common causes.

  • Your internet service provider may block emails sent from addresses it does not recognize.
  • Your SPAM settings within your email client may block emails sent from addresses it does not recognize. If you add our email address ([email protected]) to your address book you can decrease the chance that your email confirmation will be blocked.
  • You may have entered your email address incorrectly.

What are your ticket prices?

Every theatre location has different prices for certain days, times, special events, and ticket types. To view ticket types and prices, select your desired showtime from any theatre or movie page.

Why is a online fee added to the price of each ticket?

In order to provide this online service, we add a minimal charge as a online fee. By purchasing tickets online in advance, you are guaranteed a seat and avoid a sold-out showing.

What are the age limits for infant, child and senior citizen admission pricing?

  • Age 0-2 = Free Admission
  • Age 3-12 = Child Admission
  • Age 60 and over = Senior Citizen

Why can't I print the showtimes?

If you choose file>print from your browsers menu options, you should be able to print the showtimes without the red background to save ink.

When I purchase tickets from your website, is my personal information secure?

Yes. You may notice a padlock icon on your browser window which indicates that you are within a secure area of the web site. All data that is transmitted while in a secure portion of our web site is encrypted for your protection.

Do you store my credit card information?


How many days in advance are showtimes available?

The movie schedule is made on a week to week basis and show times usually are not finalized until Monday evening or Tuesday morning at most theatre locations. This is due to the film department negotiating with the studios on how many prints need to be at each location for the films playing. The local theatre will have the most up to date information for when tickets will be available to purchase online. Our website has the most up-to-the-minute showtime information once available. Please check the listings on the day you plan to see the movie.

Does your theatre have any policy restrictions?

Pass Policy
Due to Studio restrictions no passes will be accepted for the first 14 days following a new release. We will be unable to accept courtesy, employee, EBF, Annual, and Backstage passes during this restricted period. Emergency passes are accepted during this restriction period. If you have addition questions, please check with your local theater before coming to the box office.

Costume Policy
Costumes are allowed! However, no costume masks, helmets, face paint, simulated or real weapons will be allowed in the building.

Age Policy
MPAA film ratings will be enforced. Children 17 and under must be accompanied by a parent or and adult guardian (21+). Alexandria and Lake Mary: Children 17 and under must be accompanied by a parent or and adult guardian (21+) for any movie starting after 8:30 PM.

Refund & Exchange Policy

At this time, self-refunds are available on our mobile app for mobile app purchases. You must refund both your movie tickets and your concessions order. Refunds for only your concessions (with ticket purchase) are not available, however, you can refund concessions only orders. Once the showtime for your movie tickets has passed, your order is not refundable. You are eligible to refund your order up until 90 minutes prior to showtime. BOX/WEB: Tickets purchased at the box office or on our website will only be processed in person at the theater box office at least 90 minues before the start time of the ticketed show. Tickets purchased through our mobile app or websites include non-refundable booking fees. No refunds after the printed showtime.

For tickets purchased through other ticketing agencies (Fandango, Atom, etc.), guests must contact the agency directly before the scheduled movie showtime to request a refund, and refunds are subject to the refund policies of those agencies. There are no refunds after the printed showtime.

In the unusual situation that a show is cancelled, you will be entitled to a refund for the full purchase price of your tickets and online concessions order, including any service charges. If you have any questions, please contact us. 

Refund Processing Information: Refunds may take up to 5-7 business days to reflect on your bank account. Refunds conducted on the same date of the transaction will be voided and the original pending charge will fall off the applicable account in up to 5-7 business days.

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes! Gift cards can be purchased at all Grand Theatre and AmStar Cinemas locations. Gift Cards and e-Gift Cards can also be purchased online. Our gift cards can also be reloaded with additional value once original funds have been depleted.

How do I check my gift card balance?

Check the balance of your gift card by clicking this link: over GIFT CARDS. Click on CHECK BALANCE and enter your gift card number, located on the back of the card.

Do you accept gift cards from other movie theatre circuits?


Do Gift Cards or e-Gift Cards expire?

No, our gift cards and e-gift cards never expire, never depreciate in value and there are no deductions due to inactivity. This is why we say to treat these gift cards like cash!

Where can I find information about closed captioning or assistant listening devices?

Our theatres strive to provide the ultimate movie-going experience to all of our valued customers. Closed captioning, descriptive narration and assistive listening devices are available at most theatres to make the experience accessible to our deaf, hard of hearing, blind and visually impaired moviegoers. Assistive Technology Devices are available for showtimes and films that are encoded with captions or descriptions, upon request from the theatre box office, free of charge.

What time does my local theatre open?

Our theatres open at a minimum of 30 minutes prior to the first showing of the day. This allows sufficient time for our guests to obtain access to our facilities and redeem or purchase tickets and concessions. Theatre management, at their discretion, may open the facility earlier in the event they deem such action to be necessary - theatre management, at their discretion, may also close the facility before the final showtime lets out.